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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Play your iPod / iPhone in Your Car Wirelessly

The Problem
I recently purchased a Toyota 2010 Prius and was saddened to learn that there is no iPod port where I can hook up my iPod / iPhone.  Instead, there is an Auxiliary input that lets you plug in your ipod using an auxiliary cable.  This however is cumbersome and sometimes has static when the wire is not in good.  My honey and I found that you can connect the ipod to the Prius using bluetooth.  So now, once the iPod/iPhone is in range, it immediately starts playing if the Audio is on the "BT" tab.  I found this video online.  And like most things on this site, it's Free!

The Solution

Some Other Things
  • You can also control the song selection from the steering wheel or seek up/down buttons.  It only goes to the next or previous song, but that's better than pulling out your iPhone to change a song.  Although controlling the songs from your iPhone / iPod is also good if you are not driving.
  • If the Audio is on the "BT" tab and the iPod is within range, it will automatically sync up and start playing.  You don't need to touch your ipod or manually tell it to connect.
This article is all about the 2010 Prius, but if your car has Bluetooth Audio it should also be able to connect to your iPod/iPhone.  If you have steps showing how to do this for other cars, please post the link below so others can learn how tech makes life easy.

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  1. That's fabulous, so now there is no requirement for the separate plug for ipod. Hope that this is just not the case with Prius that with bluetooth your ipod works. Hope to see such facility in other cars too.