Make money, save money, get alternative income, and have more free time.


I currently have a 9-5 job that I'm desperately trying to get out of.  It takes up way too much of my time (more than 40/week) and gives me way too little.   Yes, I'm one of the many people who think they are overworked and underpaid.

By now, another job won't do.  I'm not happy working 40 hours a week and getting paid peanuts.  I'm not happy working for some money, spending it, and then having to work more.  I'm looking to work a bunch, get some money, then get more.   In other words, I'm looking to work less and get paid more.  One way to do that is through passive income.   That is the goal, but this blog is all about replacing the income from my full time job any way I can... legally of course.  When I start making more than $100 / month I'll post my earnings.  If you don't see any income reports then I'm not there yet.

Update:  2/22/11 - I quit my full time job and am now a freelancer doing websites and iphone apps.  No income from the iphone apps as of today, but it will need to start bringing in some cash to help supplement my income.  Just a FYI on where the passive income is.. this blog has generated about $2 from adsense in its first month of existence.