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Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Smart Passive Income and Other Blogs

Searching for ways to make money online led me to a few people's blogs.  Normally I look at these blogs and say, "yea, yea, you make money from this blog because you are popular and have a lot of readers."  One day though, I ran into two different blogs where the bloggers explain that they only started a couple years ago, had a full time job, and is now making more money online than at their full time job.  Both of these blogs explained that they were laid off from their jobs.  One worked for a brokerage firm, and one was a programmer (like me!).

From that point on, I was pretty confident that I could at least make some spending money from a blog.  I may not be as successful, but some extra money for my honey with a chance of more to come is enough motivation for me.

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