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Monday, January 17, 2011

LOL Savings

The savings listed here will save you pennies... literally.  These are "Laugh Out Loud" Savings (for those of you not familiar with "lol").  Some of these I found around the web, and some I'm embarrassed to say, I thought of myself.  A lot of these are not worth the effort to do consistently... of course, I have not calculated exactly how much it would save if it is done regularly.

Free TP!
By using the bathroom outside of your residence, you can save on buying toilet paper.  In the morning, go out to a McDonald's or Jack in the Box, or just go to work, then use the bathroom.  Use everyone else's toilet paper, but your own.

Free Condiments!
Every time you buy food out, take a few extra napkins, ketchup, mustard, relish, etc.  You'll eventually end up with an unlimited supply of condiments.  You can even put them into your own containers and make it look like you bought it!

Free Light!
The Sun is a free source of energy.  Utilize the sun's light in the day time as best you can by waking up when it rises.  At night you use the most electricity because you need light to see.  If you go to sleep shortly after the sun sets, you'll spend less on electricity because your lights will be off for most of the night.

Free Electricity!
Whatever needs charging, charge it outside your residence.  If you need to work on your laptop without an internet connection, libraries are a good place to go.  If you need an internet connection, Starbucks, Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and many other places offer you a place to plug in and surf the web.  You can even charge your laptop at work, come home, and use the battery.  Then rinse and repeat.  Cell phones, tablets, batteries, even your motorized toothbrush and electric shaver!

Free Water!
Do you buy drinking water?  If yes, you can get free water at restaurants that let you get your own water.  Bring your water bottles with you and fill them up.  Warning:  many restaurants may not allow this.  If you have a water dispenser at the office, bring your water bottles to work and fill them up.

Have a Two for One TP Sale in Your Bathroom
If you need to buy toilet paper, buy the two-ply rolls, separate the sheets, and use one-ply.  Instant savings!  Once upon a time one-ply was more than enough.

Charge for Potty Mouths
When friends come over, pull out a swear jar and watch your money grow!  Be the antagonist and watch it grow even faster!  Warning:  This may only work until you can't get anyone to come over.

Save on Gas
Accelerate slow, slow down slow, and just drive slow all around.  You'll save on gas.  The less the car changes speeds, the less gas is used.  Sometimes you can drive so slow that you get rear ended.  This is a plus or minus depending how you look at it.  (this actually happened to me... my first accident.  I got some cash, but my bumper doesn't look brand new anymore).

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