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Tuesday, January 3, 2012


There are so many free online storage services now, why should you choose Dropbox over all others?  Because they make it so incredibly simple to use, you won't even notice you're using online storage.

What is Dropbox?
Dropbox isn't so much an online storage, but more of a service to sync your files between devices.  It does require harddrive space so you aren't saving space.  It just allows you to share your files between devices and/or friends easier.  It is great to use if you have multiple device or need a place to back your files up.  If you're a computer nerd, Dropbox is basically a glorified, automated version control system.

How You Would Use Dropbox
You would have a special folder on your hard-drive called "Dropbox".  In this folder you can open, edit, delete any file you want just as you would a normal file because really, it is a normal file.  Then if you have another computer you can go on there and your file would magically be on that computer.  Or if you want to share, you can do that too.  Or if you are on a public computer, you can access your files on their website.  If you want to find out more uses, read more in Dropbox Secret Uses.

How does Dropbox Work?
Once the file in your "Dropbox" folder changes, it automatically sends the file to their server.  Once on the server it automatically pushes the changes to all computers that have your dropbox account on it.

Get More Space
Initially, Dropbox only gives you 2GB of free space.  However, if you sign up from a referral link or refer someone, you get 250MB extra.  You can get a maximum of 8GB free.  So if you have a friend that is already signed up for Dropbox, ask them for a referral link and you and you're friend can get an extra 250MB each.  If you don't know anyone, you can use my link:

Other Online Storage
I signed up to and used it... once.  To use you have to go to their website to upload or download any file.  I used it and it was easy to use, but it wasn't part of my routine.  I have since forgotten that I even had an account with until writing this post.  Dropbox integrates into your workflow so that it is seamless to use.  Besides, if Steve Jobs thought Dropbox was good enough to buy, why wouldn't you want to use it?


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