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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Amazon Affiliate Links

A great affiliate program to be associated with is the Amazon Associates Affiliate program.  They are the biggest online store there is and everyone knows who they are.

This is just a short post on getting a list of the products you want from amazon.  Getting a single product is straightforward.  Getting a list is a little less straightforward.

Getting a Listmania list and having your ref id attached to it is easy.  Go to the Widgets page and find "My Favorites".  Amazon now has a Listmania! search where you can easily get anyone's list and have your associate id in them when you put it on your website.

Every Page
For any URL on, you can just tack on your ref id.  The easiest way to get your ref id onto an amazon results page is by going to the Link to Any Page page.  The last box title "Link to Any Page" has a textbox where you can paste in your url and presto, you have a link with your associate id.

RSS Every Page
Often times, you have a blog and you have some space to list a bunch of products from an RSS feed.  Amazon makes it easy to do this by simply replacing "gp" in the address to "rss" in most cases.  You can read more about it on their rss help page.  Once you get your RSS url, be sure to go to the Link to Any Page so that you can add your associate id to it.

Check it
If you aren't sure if your referral link is working, just check the link with Amazon's Link Checker.  It is located in the Links & Banners section.

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