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Sunday, June 19, 2011

4 Types of Qubids Bidding Outcomes

When using Quibids, there are usually 4 types of winners/losers on there.

These are the people that jump on Quibids expecting to win something big without much research and/or auction wins.  These guys are the ones who will tell you Quibids is a scam and they take all your money.  The reason they lose is because they go for the iPads or the big TVs but they don't take the time to learn Bid dynamics, what the average ending price of an item is, and how to win an auction.

These people are the ones who usually try for gift cards.  They took the time to learn bidding strategies, they did some research, but they just don't get the whole picture or don't bother to learn as much as they should.  They try out the strategies and lose the majority of auctions.  However, they know they will probably lose so they take advantage of Quibid's Buy Now option.  So they spend a couple dollars extra (shipping/handling fees) for a chance to win a gift card for 90% off.

These guys are the ones that learned all there is to know about bidding and their target item.  They win 90% of the auctions they enter.  They get apple computers for 20% of the actual cost and gift cards galore.  One thing that is stopping them from getting them to the next category is just a state of mind.  They either don't have the time or the will to push it just a little more.

The ultimate bidding outcome.  The people in this class get their items from Quibids for 20% of the actual cost or less and they sell it on eBay.  They are members on multiple auction sites and have various tools to get a better advantage at winning.  They have lists of items they want to get, lists of people to stay away from, and lists of auction start times.

Which one are you?

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