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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Amazon Free Super Saver Shipping

I'm sure that everyone knows about Amazon's FREE Super Saver Shipping by now.  You buy $25 worth of from Amazon and you get free shipping.  Even if you live in Hawaii.  The problem is, is that not all items are eligible for free super saver shipping.

I'm also sure that whoever has tried for Amazon's free shipping has at one time been a few dollars short of the $25 requirement.  This just happened to me today and I did a search for "cheap things on amazon to get FREE Super Saver Shipping".  I got some listmania lists from Amazon where people found various cheap items that qualify for free shipping.  This was very helpful.  So helpful that I decided to put all the lists I could find in one place.  Check out my Cheap Things on Amazon to get FREE Super Saver Shipping compilation when you're in a bind.

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