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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Want to Help Japan, But Don't Have Money

I thought of this idea and I thought, wow this is excellent!  I can donate to Japan and it won't cost me money!  And then I thought, wow, I'm a cheap bastard.  And then I remembered my income, and I thought, yes, I have to be a cheapo.

Donate to Japan and Have it Cost You Nothing

If you sign up to swagbucks you can donate to Japan and it will cost you nothing.  A website called Swagbucks has an offer where you can donate "swagbucks" to the relief effort in Japan.  Or more specifically, to All Hands Volunteers.

What are swagbucks and how do you get them? 
Swag bucks are like a points where if you use their search engine or do their polls, they give you points or as they call it "swag bucks".  Here's where the good part comes in.  If you sign up you get 30 swagbucks free!  Just for signing up!  So you can donate those 30 swagbucks to Japan logout and be on your merry way.  Or you can continue to use their search engine, play some games, or watch some videos to win more swagbucks and donate more.

The goal is to reach 10,000,000 swagbucks so donates $100,000.00.  If we all do our small part with 30 swagbucks, it shouldn't be too hard to reach.
Update:  A recent survey on swagbucks revealed that only 16% donated, 32% plan to donate, and the rest, well, don't care.  That's pretty bad.  I guess the ones who donate have to donate more to reach the goal.

Once you sign up you can donate here.  The deadline for donations is Friday April 8th at 12pm PDT!

I almost forgot to mention that Swagbucks is legit.  I've been a member for about a year now and they do not spam you and they follow through with what they promise.  More on Swagbucks here.

If you have any other ways to raise money without spending your own, like Ashton Kutcher's race to a million a while back, please leave a comment.

For more information on Japan and the 8.9 earthquake you can visit Google's Crisis Response page.


  1. i just did my share. Thanks for the info!

  2. As of 3/18/11 they have 1,114,970SB. I just signed up and am giving more.